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Recently, there has been a major increase in the number of people (teens, students, graduates, and working adults) that have at least attempted to make money from home, on the net - though only a few will succeed in getting much of anything. Consequently, people have been quick to label new reward sites as spam or marketing schemes, regardless of the truthfullness of their accusations.

Here we present evidence and a "How To" guide on a relatively new, largely undiscovered, reputable reward site that is affiliated with, that rewards the new members FREE with credits or even hard cash to shop for products on Amazon or simply withdraw via paypal or bank account transfer. They are so bent on proving to you their system works, that if you follow the instructions on this site, you will receive 250 free reward points that can be immediately used to shop for poducts - or even have them send you a $1 Bill in the post immediately, with zero obligation. A free dollar bill? Too good to be true you say? Well... and this new Internet Secret,  begs to differ.

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